Steel winged laundry drying rack 18M Matt black MSV

Reference 130154 Brand MSV
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✓ Optimized capacity with 18M extension

Can be easily stored and folded into a corner

Matte black finish gives it a sleek, modern aesthetic

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Matte Black Finish: The drying rack features a matte black finish that gives it a sleek, modern aesthetic. This finish adds a touch of sophistication to your laundry space or any room you choose to use it, adding a dimension of style to your home environment.

Optimized hanging capacity: This winged laundry drying rack offers a generous hanging capacity of 18 meters, which allows delicate clothes and fabrics to be dried properly and easily. You can hang your bulky laundry without worrying about it getting wrinkled or shrinking. It provides enough space to dry a large amount of laundry in one go, saving you time and energy.

Space optimization: Thanks to its winged design, this drying rack allows you to optimize space in your laundry room or any room in your home. The wings can be extended to increase the drying surface, then folded once drying is complete. This allows you to free up space when you're not using the drying rack, which is particularly handy in tight spaces.

Ease of storage: After each use, this drying rack can be easily stored and folded in a corner. Its steel structure is light and sturdy, making it easy to move and store. You won't have to worry about finding a place to dry your wet laundry, because this drying rack stores compactly and discreetly.

Dimensions : 171x53.5x88cm Color: Black Material: Steel

Colour Black
Compositions Stahl
Type of drying rack With wings
Spreading capacity 18m
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